Will we see a Solar London?

Sustainable Solar Solutions has already demonstrated that it has the capacity to contribute to the development of solar London, you can see our gallery for some  pictures of our London installations.  However, as a world leading city, London’s solar energy deployment is hardly world beating.  In fact, as the graph below shows, it is the lowest in the country.

Why is Solar Deployment so low in London?

Mayor of London’s office is currently consulting on a Solar Action Plan for London. It accurately highlights the key reasons why solar installs are difficult in the capital:

  • Challenges such as parking and access can make installs in London more expensive.
  • Many people in London live in flats.  This means that permission for solar has to be granted by the flat owners, plus the leaseholder.  Flats also have less roof space per dwelling.
  • 10% more people live in rented accommodation in London than in the rest of the country.  Landlords and tenants have little incentive to install solar. The same problem exists for rented commercial space.
  • Tall buildings mean more roofs are likely to be shaded.
  • There are restrictions on solar in conservation areas.
  • Land and roof space is limited and in demand for other uses.

Is Solar right for You?

Sustainable Solar Solutions are fully geared up ready to make Solar London a reality.  Speak to us and we will help you overcome some of the hurdles above. For example:

Price – In the last 10 years, solar installation costs have reduced by 70 percent, but the price of electricity is continuing to climb.  Once you have installed your solar system, particularly with energy storage and smart appliances included, you can reduce your grid dependence and you electricity bill by 50% (based on an average usage of 3,300kW and a 4kWp solar pv system).

Flats – Sustainable Solar Solutions are experienced in installing solar pv on flats.  If you own the lease, or can get other flat owners on board, it is doable, particularly for owners of top floor flats.

Conservation Areas – inbuilt solar panels are much more aesthetically pleasing and can be installed where conservation restrictions prohibit conventional panels as in this photo of a GB-Sol panel installation in Walthamstow.

Shading – Installing SolarEdge or other power optimisers means that your panels can all individually respond to issues of shading.  Read more about them here. seargent

Restricted Space – Panel efficiency is growing all the time.  In the last 4 years, the standard panel output has grown 22%.  Let us advise you on the best high output panels for your space. We also install solar thermal, which works well in small spaces where there is not enough room for solar pv.

New Build – This is a great time to install solar pv. Roof integrated panels, such as those made by our partner Viridian Solar are perfect for new builds.  They cover the roof instead of tiles and look very much like a velux window.

Be Part of It

Speak to us today via our contact form, or the phone numbers above and be part of Solar London yourself.  We look forward to working with you.