Solar PV Repairs

We can help you if your inverter breaks and your solar panels stop producing.  These are pictures from a repair we carried out recently.

If you are in this position, the first thing to do is check your warranty.  It may be that you can get a repair or replacement from the manufacturer.

If you are out of warranty, then in the first instance go back to your original installer.  They know your system and are probably best place to advise you on how to fix it.  Once you have their advice, though, it might be wise to shop around for alternative quotes to carry out the fix.

This customer got in touch with us via The GreenAge to ask us to fit Optimisers to their PV system because their inverter had broken.  This meant a trip onto the roof, made easier by scaffolding in place for a neighbour’s extension.  Generally, it would be cheaper and easier to just replace the inverter with another string inverter, but you do get some advantages with SolarEdge optimisers:

    • Safety – the D.C. voltage is limited to 1 volt per panel
    • Panel independence – if one panel degrades more quickly than others it will not drag the whole string down
    • Monitoring – with an internet connection, you can view the output of your panels online at panel level

The job took about a day to lift 6 of the 8 panels and mount the Optimisers on the rails, then install the new inverter in the loft and set up the monitoring online.

Now we and our customer can monitor the performance of the panels from the comfort of our armchairs. Get in touch if you would like to do the same.