Electricity Backup for Home

Electricity Backup for Home

Electricity Backup for Home – When Extreme Weather Events Make us Take Notice

Thinking about electricity backup for home settings? Electricity supply is one of those things we take for granted in the UK.  Particularly in the age of smart phones and out of town shopping, most of us rely on our power supply, whether it’s for daily phone charging or looking after our frozen food.  Imagine trying to put in an insurance claim for the value of the food in your freezer if you lost it all.   What about in extreme weather events?  Suddenly the having an electricity backup for home and the ability to keep your phone charged and the laptop running is more important than ever.

So, are these events increasing in frequency? An international project call the  World Weather Attribution project analysed 5 extreme weather events in 2016 – Pacific Ocean coral bleaching in March, rain storms in May, floods in Louisiana in August, arctic warming in November/December, plus the extreme cold air over the U.S. in December.  Human induced climate change was implicated in the cause of all the events apart from the cold air over the U.S.

Ireland has just experienced a tropical storm.  Hurricane Ophelia removed power to around 360,000 homes in the Republic of Ireland and 18,000 in Northern Ireland.  Whether it’s flood, or hurricane, extreme weather often has a powerful effect on our power supply.  That is, unless you have your own electricity backup for home. Irrespective of whether you have solar pv panels, or not, Sustainable Solar Solutions can install a home battery for you, giving you energy independence in the event of loss of grid power.

Here’s how electricity backup for home works:

You set an automatic schedule for when to charge up your battery.  You can do it on off peak power at night if your energy company offers low tariffs (check out https://www.greenenergyuk.com/Tide ), or using your solar pv panels during the day if you have them.  An average family might need a 5kWhr battery.  This would keep a freezer and some basic lighting and phone charging going for 24hrs.

*based on 150W av. freezer usage, 8x5W spots running for 10 hours, 600W laptop plugged in for 10 hours = 4.6kWhrs

What does electricity backup for home look like?

A home battery system is best suited for a garage or utility room.  An installation would look something like the one below.  You would need the battery, a charge controller and an isolator so that you can safely switch the system off.

There are other benefits to a home battery system.  You may want to charge your car from your solar pv panels when you get home from work, or use cheap off-peak electricity to cook the dinner in the evening.  Whatever happens, you have some security in knowing that your energy supply is local and reliable, whatever the weather.