Do you check your energy bills?

The press are reporting that 1.3 million energy customers have been overcharged by £102 million on their energy bills.  And that’s just the customers who have checked their bills, over a quarter of customers say they don’t check theirs.

Don’t spend lost hours scrupulously checking you energy bills to make sure you’re not being ripped off.  Reduce your reliance on energy companies all together and take back control of your own energy supply.

Is Solar still a good Investment?

Much has been made lately of the reduction in the Feed in Tariff for solar panels, but solar panels have halved in price in the last 3 years and electricity bills still seem to be heading upwards.

The average family could reduce their dependence on electricity from the grid by a third if they installed 14 solar panels on their roof.  You can increase this to 50% self-reliance if you add a battery and smart Home Manager.  A smart Home Manager will enable you to manage your household appliances remotely so that you can switch them on when there is the most power from your PV.

How else can I reduce my Electricity Bill?

We would also recommend switching your lights over to LEDs.  Halogen spotlights use ten times as much energy as their LED equivalents.  Nowadays there is no sacrifice in light quality with an LED as long as you buy good quality bulbs.

Read more about LED lighting here, or use our contact form to request a quote for Solar PV.