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Will we see a Solar London?

Sustainable Solar Solutions has already demonstrated that it has the capacity to contribute to the development of solar London, you can see our gallery for some  pictures of our London installations.  However, as a world leading city, London’s solar energy deployment is hardly world beating.  In fact, as the graph below shows, it is the […]

Avoid Overcharging Energy Companies

Do you check your energy bills? The press are reporting that 1.3 million energy customers have been overcharged by £102 million on their energy bills.  And that’s just the customers who have checked their bills, over a quarter of customers say they don’t check theirs. Don’t spend lost hours scrupulously checking you energy bills to make […]

Air Source Heat Pump Repairs

Sustainable Solar Solutions are experienced heat pump installers and also able to perform ground and air source heat pump repairs and maintenance. Whether your heat pump has been installed with some interesting wiring like this one: Or if there’s a filter that needs changing… We are able to investigate issues and find a fix. Do […]

Solar PV Repairs

We can help you if your inverter breaks and your solar panels stop producing.  These are pictures from a repair we carried out recently. If you are in this position, the first thing to do is check your warranty.  It may be that you can get a repair or replacement from the manufacturer. If you are out […]

Solar PV De-Installer

Solar PV De-Installer Services – Can I move my panels and keep my Feed in Tariff? Today we were solar panel de-installers, taking panels down for a customer near Dartford who is building a new house.  Ofgem advise that provided you are not changing the installation in any way, other than re-mounting it, you can knock […]

Award Winning Firm

Energy Efficiency and Healthy Homes South East Solar PV Installer Awards Our project at Norden Farm working with MaidEnergy has won us Highly Commended in the Energy Efficiency and Healthy Homes South East Solar PV Installer of the Year. You can read more about the project here.

Make this Election about the Environment

Theresa May and the Liberal Democrates would like this election to be about Brexit, but whatever your view on that, this is a crucial time to tell politicians you care about the environment. Politicians are in listening mode.  They are keen to get your vote and should be present in their constituencies at hustings and surgeries […]

Closed Loop Recycling

Everything is a resource, even solar panel packaging. Here at Sustainable Solar we are doing a bit of closed loop recycling. This is Leah’s allotment. Cover this with muck and it will slowly rot into the soil and keep the weeds down in the mean time. Plus less waste going to landfill. Win, win.

Where next for Solar Photovoltaics?

Solar photovoltaic panels or solar pv panels are the UK’s most popular form of renewable energy with 80% of people supporting solar in a 2015 government survey. It is unlikely that this will incentivise many but the greenest consumers to pay for panels on their houses at these rates.  And the greenest consumers will probably […]